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San Antonio Post-Hospital Care – Promoting a Faster Recovery

Recovery after hospitalization for an injury or illness can be painful and lengthy for seniors. Being hospitalized is, in itself, very stressful. Sleep deprivation, physical weakness brought on by excessive bed rest (called deconditioning), medications that can alter physical and mental functioning, and general disruption to a person’s schedule can all negatively impact them even after they leave the hospital.

These stressors can take a toll on all of the body’s system, especially the immune system, making recovery even more difficult.

Hospital Readmission Rates for Seniors Are High

As many as one in three (35%) Medicare recipients are readmitted to the hospital within 90 days of being discharged.nurse-looking-after-elderly-patient

Readmission rates after just 30 days are also high, especially for some conditions—consider that nearly one-quarter (23.3%) of Medicare patients admitted to the hospital with heart failure were readmitted within 30 days, according to one study; the 30-day readmission rate for those who had a heart attack was 19%; for pneumonia, nearly 18%.

Post-Hospital Care Reduces Readmissions

These numbers are far too high. The good news is that post-hospital care can significantly reduce the likelihood of hospital readmission.

Our San Antonio post-hospital care service can provide 24-hour home care to ensure that your loved one has all the assistance, companionship, and encouragement he or she needs for a successful recovery. Elder home care can be especially helpful for seniors recovering from:

  • Heart surgery
  • Stroke
  • Hip surgery
  • Cancer
  • A chronic disease
  • A neurological problem

Our skilled caregivers are professionally trained in providing elder home care for seniors, who have their own unique set of needs. We help our clients avoid readmission by ensuring they:

  • Follow the medication administration schedule prescribed by their doctor
  • Attend all follow-up healthcare appointments
  • Eat an appropriate, nutritious diet
  • Participate in therapeutic exercises
  • Receive support, companionship, and encouragement throughout their recovery process

If your loved one is a resident of an assisted living facility or a nursing home, our caregivers can provide 24 hours assistance with personal care in these settings as well.

A Smoother Transition from Hospital to Home

Our caregivers are available anytime or anywhere—we work on our clients’ terms. Please contact a care manager at 210.996.2733 or 830.214.0096 to discuss a hospital-to-home transition plan. We look forward to providing your loved one with exceptional post-hospital care.