Life Lessons from the Elderly

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Life Lessons from Seniors in San Antonio, TX

Though time goes on, some old adages remain the same. Take it from seniors who have made San Antonio In-Home Care Assistance their first choice for in-home care.These pearls of wisdom remain applicable from generation to generation.

Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels

These days, if we’re suspicious of someone, we’re told we have trust issues. The elderly understand that being cautious is simply part of life. Investigating potential falsities and ensuring genuine intentions are actions aligned with common sense.

We Are the Stories We Tell

Grandparents have a habit of retelling life stories and narratives to family members. The truth is, we are the stories we tell. Whether it’s out loud to others or internally to ourselves, our lives reflect the decisions we make and the action we take.

Know When to Water Your Garden

Seniors seem to understand the importance of caring for yourself, both physically and emotionally. There was a time when it wasn’t convenient to go to the grocery store, and the Internet wasn’t around for easy gratification. It’s important to be a self-sustaining and well-rounded person no matter what generation you belong to.

A Pie Always in the Oven

There’s always candy in a pocket or a pie cooling on the rack. Elderly people offer treats to family and strangers alike as a simple reminder to treat others with kindness. After all, what better way to make the world a more wholesome place than to spread some joy with sweets?

Make Lemonade

Adversity helped define the generations before us. There was war, segregation, financial depression, and shifting gender roles. The elderly have seen so much, and so few begin stories with how easy it was to accomplish goals or aspirations. Most of the stories illustrate selflessness, adaptability and perseverance, which is something people today tend to take for granted.

To thank your senior relative for the love and wisdom he or she shares with you, consider providing him or her with the additional help he or she needs and deserves. At Home Care Assistance, we are known for our flexible part-time home care in San Antonio, but we also provide comprehensive dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s care.  Call (210) 495-6300 today and request a complimentary in-home consultation to learn more about care services.


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