Life Expectancy of People with Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimers Life Expectancy

Your parent was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The initial shock is starting to wear off, but you still have many questions. As a leading San Antonio Alzheimer’s care provider, we work with many families who are experiencing a wide range of emotions after a loved one’s diagnosis, and have found that one of the first questions asked is about future and quality of life. Your family is likely wondering how many years your dear father or mother can live with the disease.

The average person who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s lives anywhere from eight to ten years after they find out they have it. There are extreme cases where patients have passed less than five years after a diagnosis, as well as those who live with the disease for up to 20 years, however both situations are equally rare.

Several factors can affect the likelihood of a longer survival. Your parent’s genes are one indicator of how well they can fight off Alzheimer’s. Their diet, medications, and overall health will also play a large part in their ability to cope with the symptoms. The gender of your parent might also determine how long they will live. Studies report that women with Alzheimer’s seem to live about one year longer than men on average.

Although there are no treatments that can help to prevent Alzheimer’s from taking over the brain and body, there are medications and programs that can help manage symptoms and slow the progression of the disease, allowing the patient to enjoy independence and quality of life. Ultimately, however, the goal is often to keep a senior with Alzheimer’s as comfortable as possible as the disease progresses.

In-home care San Antonio is often preferred by seniors with Alzheimer’s and their families because it allows the senior to receive the high level of care they need in the familiar surroundings of home. The home environment and care provided by consistent professional caregivers can help to better manage symptoms, and alleviate common feelings experienced by Alzheimer’s patients such as confusion, disorientation, anxiety and agitation. With home care, seniors with Alzheimer’s are able to maintain their regular routines and as much independence as safely possible.

Caring for a patent with Alzheimer’s isn’t always easy. But you can be prepared with some knowledge that may make things easier. You can be the strong support system your parent or loved one needs.

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