Alzheimer’s Research: A Possible Link Between Bacteria and the Disease

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Is It Possible to Treat Alzheimer's with Antibiotics in San Antonio, TX?

While physicians have developed treatments to manage the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s like dementia and disorientation, so far there is no cure for AD. Recently, however, scientists discovered a possible connection between bacteria and AD that In-home care San Antonio wants family members and their senior loved ones to know about. The following information explains the possible correlation between Alzheimer’s and bacteria and how antibiotics may play a role in curing the disease.

Is Alzheimer’s Caused by Bacteria?

While researchers aren’t certain if bacteria cause Alzheimer’s disease, some studies show that there’s at least a possible connection between bacterial activity in the brain and AD. Despite the promising research, however, the results are far from conclusive. With that in mind, this may be a step in the right direction to discover the root cause of Alzheimer’s and possibly even a cure.

Brain scans of those with Alzheimer’s show changes in brain tissue and in how the brain communicates with nerves using synapses, but no causation factors for these changes have been identified. The most common changes involve the formation of plaques and tangles of neurofibrils within the nerves of the brain, and new studies have found a common factor within the brains of many seniors with Alzheimer’s that could explain this phenomena: bacteria.

Recently, the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published a study that discussed the finding of an intracellular bacterium called C. pneumoniae, which was positively identified in the damaged brain tissue of 17 out of 19 seniors with Alzheimer’s. C. pneumoniae was also found in the surrounding tissue, which suggests that the bacterium can invade endothelial cells and migrate to other areas of the brain. When researchers injected mice with C. pneumoniae, it caused them to form plaques similar to those found in the brains of individuals affected with Alzheimer’s.

Can Antibiotics Cure Alzheimer’s?

Provided that scientists can find conclusive evidence that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by bacteria, it is possible that these bacteria could be eradicated with antibiotics and could therefore cure AD. So far, no specific antibiotics seem to eliminate the bacteria found in those with Alzheimer’s, but there is hope among the scientific community that this lead could provide a solution for this devastating disease.

The fight against Alzheimer’s is not an easy one, but it’s important to remember that seniors diagnosed with the disease are not alone. Home Care Assistance understands the challenges presented by AD, and we provide specialized Alzheimer’s home care San Antonio families can trust. We use our patented holistic approach called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method to stimulate cognitive function, sharpen mental acuity, and regain a sense of accomplishment. Call an experienced Care Manager today at 210.495.6300 to learn more about our care services and schedule your complimentary consultation.


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