How Best to Manage Long-Distance In-Home Care

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In-Home Care

Caring for a loved long distance may seem daunting. When you suddenly face having to tend to an aging loved one, you may wonder how you will manage it from afar. Fortunately, there are resources out there that are designed specifically to help you care for a senior. An in-home care management team at San Antonio Home Care Assistance can assist you in overseeing the care of your loved one, even when you are remote.

Check out some of the best ways to manage long-distance in-home care.

Community Collaboration

These days, there are a lot of organizations that have the seniors’ needs in mind. From the National Council on Aging to Meals on Wheels and transportation services, you can unlock the plethora of available resources that are designed to help your aging loved one. Be sure to check out the local church, civic organization, and YMCA/YWCA to assess the different services for people of all ages. These organizations can entertain and assist your loved one when you’re not there to do so.

Top Tech

Technology has come a long way, and it’s not just for the benefit of the Millennial Generation. The latest tech today allows you to be a caregiver from miles away! There are cameras for the home that enable you to check in on your loved one during the day. In addition, there are systems where you can manage medication alerts and reminders so that your relative is always on track with necessary medicines. This technology allows you to see if he or she is safe, but you are also alerted if they have not eaten, left the house, or checked their blood pressure.

But before you hook up this high-tech system into your loved one’s home, be sure to discuss the options so that they feel comfortable having such technology in their house. Ensure that your senior understands that it is difficult for you to check in on them from miles away, but this technology resource allows you to stay connected.

Health Care Team

When it comes to caregiving, sometimes we all need a little help. By hiring the right in-home health care team, you can free up your time and provide quality care to your loved one. However, it’s important to establish a relationship with these team members so that you can stay in the know regarding your aging adult’s health.

Ensure that you are his or her health care proxy so that you can ask questions and receive information as needed. If you have any medical, nutrition, or additional concerns, be sure to address these with your loved one’s physician.

At Home Care Assistance San Antonio, we understand the importance of caring for aging loved ones. Our professional and experienced caregivers deliver exceptional non-medical care and companionship to the elderly, allowing your relative to keep their golden years golden! Call us at 210-996-2733 today to request free information about our services or to arrange an in-home consultation.


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