5 Ways to Boost Memory in the Aging Brain

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Ways to Promote Senior Memory

Studies have shown that as people age, it becomes more difficult to recall both short and long-term memories. However, for older adults, adhering to the phrase “use it or lose it” can help to boost memory in the aging brain, keeping it as active as possible. The below five suggestions from our San Antonio caregivers are great ways for seniors to keep the brain healthy in the golden years.

  1. Practice Memory Tricks – Seniors (or their caregivers) who notice that their memories are not at 100 percent can use any number of memory tricks. These include things such as leaving sticky notes around the house, using the alarms to set reminders, and even saying the names of new people out loud to connect the name to the face.
  2. Get Enough Sleep – Even young people can attest that they feel foggy and disconnected after a bad night’s sleep, so it’s easy to understand how these effects can be substantial in the elderly. What’s more, many of the medications that are common among seniors list sleeplessness or insomnia as a side effect. Elderly patients should discuss any inability to fall or stay asleep with their doctors to come up with solutions.
  3. Never Stop Learning – One of the best ways for seniors to preserve their brain function as they age is to keep learning. There are many fun and exciting ways to do this including crossword puzzles, board and card games, and even books or television shows about subjects that the senior finds interesting.
  4. Socialize – Oftentimes, the elderly do not get out to socialize as often as they should. This lack of interaction has a direct impact on an individual’s ability to preserve their overall mental capacity – including memory. Social gatherings like book clubs and weekly bingo nights can certainly go a long way toward building those social connections.
  5. Quit Smoking – There are thousands of studies that prove the adverse effects of smoking, but one of the most alarming points out that seniors who smoke often have what are known as “mini-strokes” in the brain that can cause significant memory problems.

The more an individual can interact with his or her surroundings, and the more interesting those surroundings are, the healthier the brain will be. If your aging parent or loved one does not leave the house often or could use the companionship of a trained, in-home caregiver, reach out to Home Care Assistance of San Antonio today. We offer comprehensive live-in and hourly care for San Antonio seniors, including help at home, medication reminders, transportation to medical appointments and so much more.

To request more information or a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, call (210) 495-6300 and speak with an experienced Care Manager or visit our website at www.homecareassistancesanantonio.com.


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