Diabetes Care in San Antonio, TX

According to the American Diabetes Association, as many as 25 percent of Americans over 60 suffer from some type of diabetes, with age strongly linked to development of the disease.¹ With such a high rate of incidence in the elderly population, it’s no wonder thousands of seniors find themselves in need of daily care for their chronic condition.

With the help of private home care from a caring organization like Home Care Assistance in San Antonio TX, even seniors who are unable to care for themselves can maintain some level of independence by continuing to live at home.

Our Caregivers Are Experts in Diabetes Care

At Home Care Assistance San Antonio, our experienced care staff is specially trained in elderly care. All of our in-home caregivers are trained in addressing the symptoms, challenges, and possible medical emergencies related to diabetes, ensuring that you or your loved one will remain safe and their condition will be properly managed.

When caring for diabetic patients, our caregivers not only provide basic care but also work to encourage healthy lifestyles (e.g., good eating habits and senior-friendly exercises). Plus, our caregivers will watch for any changes in foot appearance or overall health that may need to be discussed with the patient’s doctors.

Get Compassionate, Experienced At Home Care Assistance in San Antonio

caregiver-providing-home-careIf you or an elderly loved one needs specialized, highly trained care for a chronic medical condition but would prefer not to enter an assisted living community, Home Care Assistance in San Antonio, TX can help. With our years of experience, senior care expertise and dedication to the health and happiness of our patients, we aim to provide you and your family with the highest level of home care assistance. To learn more about our services or discuss your home care needs, call us today at (210) 495-6300.

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