Care for Patients with Heart Disease in San Antonio, TX

Heart disease at any age is no small matter. In individuals over the age of 65, however, heart failure is the number one cause of hospitalization.¹ Because of the high fatality risk posed by heart disease, it’s important that seniors with a chronic heart condition have appropriate care and maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

With the help of in-home care San Antonio at Home Care Assistance, elderly patients and their loved ones can rest assured that their heart condition is being properly managed.

Our Staff Members Are Experts in Caring for Seniors with Heart Disease

One of the most important aspects of caring for heart disease is the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Our knowledgeable senior care specialists work to help you or your elderly loved one create a healthy meal plan and explore various heart-healthy habits. Home Care Assistance San Antonio also assists with grocery shopping, personal hygiene/grooming, transportation, housekeeping, and running various errands.

Depending upon the intensity of care needed, we can also help you find convenient remote care technology to monitor a variety of health indicators (e.g., blood pressure, weight, and oxygen levels).

Get Experienced San Antonio Elderly Care with Home Care Assistance San Antonio

Does your elderly loved one require daily care but dislike the idea of an assisted living community? With the help of Home Care Assistance in San Antonio, TX, your loved one can continue living at home even if he or she is dealing with the chronic symptoms of heart disease. Our friendly, specially-trained caregivers will make sure that your loved one is being properly cared for and following doctors’ orders for medical treatment. To learn more about our services or inquire about care, call us today at (210) 495-6300