Evaluating a Senior’s Safety at Home

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Senior Safety Evaluation

Making the decision of whether aging loved ones are safe at home independently is one of the hardest choices for families, especially adult children, to make. Because the health of the family member in question is critical in making determinations on his or her ability to live independently, Home Care Assistance of San Antonio shares a few items that indicate a senior’s safety is at risk.

  • Forgetfulness – Does your aging loved one have a problem with paying the bills? Do they forget about appliances being left on? Do they neglect keeping the home free from trash and filth? Are doors and windows left unlocked in the home? The inability to remember to do everyday activities often demonstrates that a senior needs some form of assistance to complete their regular routine.
  • Mobility – Signs that help is needed can include being unable to stand up or walk without assistance. Shortness of breath and extreme physical effort to perform a simple task such as washing the dishes is also a sign that your loved one needs help. If your aging parent or loved one has recently suffered a fall or injury and did not receive proper post-hospital care, they may still be at risk for another accident because their original injury has not healed or been taken care of properly.
  • Cleanliness – When you visit the home, an untidy kitchen, bath and bedroom are other signs that your loved one may be having trouble managing, performing or routine daily activities. A walk to the mailbox to find mail piled inside is another signal that they are either forgetting to check or pick up the mail.
  • Driving Skills – If your loved one still drives a vehicle, signs that additional transportation services are needed include scratches or dents from hitting things that were not visible, marks on the tires from not being able to judge the size of a parking space, or tire marks along the curb or lawn of the home and driveway. These may indicate that a physical ability such as vision or hearing is no longer sharp as before.

If you notice any of the above safety hazards, it’s important to speak with your loved one about their options for assistance. In-home care, San Antonio is a great way for seniors to get the professional care and support they need, without having to sacrifice their home, independence, regular routine or quality of life.

For more information about in-home care, reach out to Home Care Assistance of San Antonio. While we specialize in San Antonio live-in home care, we provide hourly home care on an as-needed basis for seniors who need minimal help with daily activities. Call (210) 495-6300 and speak with a friendly Care Manager and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.


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