Steps for Starting a Senior Exercise Plan

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Start a Senior Exercise Plan

Active seniors can enjoy increased mood, balance, higher levels of energy and fewer health issues among other things. Starting an exercise plan for an aging adult, however, requires a significant amount of preparation. It is important to choose exercises and activities that are right for the individual and to be cognizant of his or her current state of health.

As a leading provider of in-home care, San Antonio families can turn to, we assist seniors with a wide variety of activities including daily exercise. In fact, regular activity is an important component of our revolutionary approach to care, The Balanced Care Method. Because of this, we want to empower our clients and their families with information on how to safely start an exercise plan in one’s senior years. The following are three steps that can help build a great foundation for regular daily activity.

Step 1: Schedule a Physical Exam

Before making any dramatic changes in their physical activity levels, seniors should receive comprehensive physical examinations. This allows medical professionals to identify any health issues that might have an impact on a person’s ability to workout. Moreover, a senior’s regular physician can also recommend a number of fitness options that are best-suited to his or her own needs.

Step 2: Check For Good Nutrition

It is additionally important that seniors have healthy diets in place before starting new exercise programs. Although the human metabolism typically starts to slow down during the senior years, aging adults still need to get sufficient calories and nutrients for supporting their energy requirements. Placing additional demands on the body before nutritional deficiencies have been identified and resolved will cause more harm than good. Many gyms have personal trainers on-site that can make recommendations for feasible exercise routines and healthy eating plans for seniors. This is also a topic that can be discussed with a senior’s regular doctor.

Step 3: Start Gradually

Seniors who have maintained sedentary lifestyles for considerable periods of time should gradually increase their activity levels, rather than jumping into radically different lifestyles right away. Small changes such as taking the stairs rather than the elevator, parking further away from store entrances or taking brief walks after meals can make a significant difference in how aging adults function and feel. Low-impact activities such as walking, cycling and water aerobics will also help to rev the metabolism, moderate blood pressure and improve circulation without putting a significant amount of pressure on the joints and bones.

Interested in learning more about senior health and wellness? Reach out to the San Antonio live-in care experts at Home Care Assistance. While we specialize in around the clock care, our caregivers are also available for hourly care on an as-needed basis. Call us at 210-495-6300 for more information or to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.


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