9 Ways to Enhance Hand Dexterity Post-Stroke

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Hand Dexterity Exercises for Stroke Survivors

When an aging loved one experiences a stroke, it’s natural for family members to be concerned and even anxious about the senior’s future quality of life. While long-term physical changes often come to mind first, small changes in motor skills, specifically in the hands and arms are extremely common, and can prevent a senior from performing simple daily activities.

If you have a senior loved one who is recovering from a stroke at home, check out the following activities to help enhance hand dexterity, presented by the trusted San Antonio stroke care agency, Home Care Assistance.

  1. Remove the caps from ball point pens
  2. Apply lip balm
  3. Make beaded bracelets
  4. Play checkers
  5. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
  6. Pickup toothpicks with tweezers
  7. Sculpt objects from Play-Doh
  8. Peel rinds from citrus fruits like oranges
  9. Turn over playing cards

The above activities can be easily incorporated into your loved one’s daily routine and can slowly re-introduce common hand motions to stimulate the hand and finger muscles affected by the stroke. Physical therapists often say there is a natural tendency to only focus on the side that has been most impacted by the stroke, however it’s important that these activities are performed with both hands to help the patient adjust to changes in his or her abilities.

If you feel that your aging parent may be unsafe at home because of stroke symptoms, learn more about professional in-home care. San Antonio Home Care Assistance is a trusted provider of senior care, offering flexible hourly and live-in care schedules with no long-term contracts or commitments. Highly trained in stroke care, you can trust our professional caregivers to ensure safety and maximize comfort, facilitating a faster recovery period.

For more information about in-home stroke care, reach out to a friendly and experienced Care Manager at 210-495-6300. We offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations and are available to answer questions or simply have a conversation 24/7.


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