A Healthy Diet Comes First

Meal preparation is an essential part of senior home care.

The older we get, the harder it is to maintain a healthy diet. Many seniors no longer have the energy to prepare a full, home-cooked meal on their own. Restricted mobility means fewer trips to the grocery store, while tightened resources cut down on the ability to order out from local San Antonio restaurants. Meanwhile, dental problems can make eating a chore.

One thing that doesn’t disappear as we age is the need for balanced, nutritious meals. If anything, it increases, since poor nutrition can lead to any number of health problems, from poor bone density to a weakened immune system.

Elderly Assistance in San Antonio: Meal Planning and Preparation

Our caregivers of in-home care San Antonio, TX help seniors get the nutrition they need to live healthfully. They’ll oversee the preparation of meals from the planning stage to the serving stage. As part of our senior nutrition program, each caregiver will:

  • Research recipes
  • Ask about favorite meals
  • Plan weekly menus
  • Do the grocery shopping
  • Prepare the meals
  • Serve the meals

Senior Assistance in San Antonio, TX: Nutrition Services

We work hard to keep your loved ones healthy and happy. We understand the importance of a wholesome diet. That’s why we offer full meal planning and preparation as part of our 24-hour care services in San Antonio, Texas. We make sure everyone under our care gets nutritious meals that satisfy their needs and their tastes.