The Mobility Problem

Many seniors have trouble getting around San Antonio, TX on their own. Slower reaction times, decreased mobility, and tightened financial resources make driving difficult. Many elderly parents and grandparents come to rely on others, which can place a heavy burden on family members. Others resort to public transportation, which can put them in unsafe situations and expose them to hazardous conditions. Some seniors simply stay at home, and that means they’re less likely to make critical doctor’s appointments, refill their prescriptions, visit family and friends, or shop for healthy ingredients.

Elderly Assistance in San Antonio, TX: Transportation

We can help with your loved one’s travel needs. As part of our senior assistance services, we offer local transportation for seniors. Whether they need to make a quick trip down the street to pick up some fresh fruit or head across town for a doctor’s appointment, our drivers can shuttle your family members around San Antonio safely and securely. Here are some of the places and events we can help them attend:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Prescription refills
  • Grocery shopping
  • Hair/grooming appointments
  • Religious services
  • Family events
  • Special events (dinners, concerts, sport’s events, plays)

Full Transportation Assistance for Elders

At Home Care Assistance San Antonio, we don’t just pick seniors up and drop them off. We make sure they get the assistance they need before they leave and after they return. Do they need help getting ready? Putting groceries away? Opening the door? Do they need someone to accompany them to their destination? Our trained caregivers of in-home care San Antonio, TX will be there to help. Give yourself peace of mind while you give your loved ones greater mobility and independence.