Physical Activities and Exercises for Seniors

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Physical Activities and Exercises for Seniors

As we get older and enter our golden years, it is important to maintain regular physical activities and exercise to help keep maintain our strength and keep our bodies healthy. Far too often, seniors start to become lethargic and spend larger amounts of time sitting all day long. If you combine this with the amount of time spent sleeping, it can lead to mobility issues and cause drastic changes to a person’s current quality of life.

Stretching Activities

Stretching helps our bodies remain limber and ensures joints function correctly. Stretching is not difficult and can be done by just about any senior, even if they have mobility issues. Stretching is best performed after taking a warm bath or shower when the body is warm and muscles are relaxed.

You should stretch your fingers, wrists, arms, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, back, ankles, toes, and any other areas of the body you can. Extend upper and lower extremities out, and then slowly rotate wrists, arms, ankles, and legs in clockwise and counterclockwise directions for about 30 to 60 seconds each. Rotate the shoulders and neck in small circular motions. For the back, slowly stretch forward and hold this position for about 10 seconds, and then repeat several times.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises help with the circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Many seniors do not even realize they are doing aerobic exercises while enjoying their favorite hobbies. Did you know gardening, golfing, swimming, dancing, and even housekeeping are all forms of aerobic exercises? Even walking short distances daily is considered a form of aerobic exercise.

Strength Building Exercises

The best way to maintain strength is by performing as many things as you can by yourself without assistance. For instance, putting away dishes, running the vacuum, carrying small loads of laundry, and so on. You can even carry around a half pound to one pound weights in each hand or on your ankles while walking when you want to add strength building to your aerobic exercise.

Some seniors also find joining a gym or fitness center that offers senior programs is a great way to ensure they are remaining active. Plus, joining a gym is a great way to meet other seniors and make new friends!

What About Seniors with Mobility Issues?

Senior Personal Care

Even in cases where seniors have mobility issues or other medical conditions like arthritis, exercising and performing various physical activities can help. The types of exercises and activities you do each day do not have to be overly intensive or strenuous. Rather, there are plenty of things you can do with the parts of your body you are able to move. If you have in-home care, San Antonio families can rely on, often you can request assistance from your caregiver for performing stretching and other exercises.

Remember to always consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new physical activities and exercises. To learn more about flexible and in home care services for yourself or your elderly parent, please feel free to call Home Care Assistance of San Antonio at 210.996.2733 today!


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