Post-Hospital Care San Antonio, TX

When the moment comes for your elderly loved one to be discharged from a hospital, you need to make sure that the transition process contributes to the overall success of recovery process. For example, you may be required to adjust your parent’s or grandparent’s home for specific rehabilitation purposes. Or, you may have to hire professional post-hospital caregivers in San Antonio, TX. Getting in touch with our dedicated and trustworthy hospital to home caregivers is the best guarantee that your expectations and specific wishes will be honored the right way.

It’s understandable that a process of transition from the hospital environment to the post-hospital recovery in a home can be overwhelming for both your aging loved ones and your family. Our experienced and trained caregivers can help maximize the benefits, avoid the confusion, and minimize the costs. You should be fully aware that the first couple of days when your parent or grandparent arrives home are critically important for the success of the overall recovery process. That’s why, our involvement begins even before our patients are being discharged from a hospital. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly and your elderly loved ones don’t suffer or miss a single thing that matters to them.

During the recovery process after hospitalization, we want to eliminate or diminish the negative consequences of an injury or serious illness. It goes without saying that elderly patients require extra care and attention once they leave the hospital. Post-Hospital Home Care Assistance San Antonio, TX is the best choice for your expectations and needs.

Hospital Readmission Costs and Rates for Elderly Patients Are High

Here’s the sad fact about our beloved aging family members. Almost one in three senior patients is readmitted to the hospital in less than three months after being discharged. Why? Well, we have to admit it. Something has gone deeply wrong during the transition process we have described previously. Your senior loved ones didn’t get the adequate post-hospital home care they needed. As a result, they are readmitted to the hospital. Instead of spending the time with your parents or grandparents in the comfort of your own homes, you are back where you started. You have to pay them visits to the hospital every single day. What’s even worse your medical costs are pilling up. All of these negative consequences could’ve and should’ve been avoided with the help and assistance of our professional post-hospital home caregivers in San Antonio, TX.

You have a choice. You don’t have to pay the medical bills twice. You don’t have to see your aging loved one in the same hospital room. There’s a way out. The post-hospital care plan can significantly reduce the chances or hospital readmission for the elderly people you care for. We will put you in charge. Feel free to decide how many hours and caregivers are required to ensure the quality of care your parents or grandparents need. There are no long-term contractual obligations or expectations on our behalf. We will treat your loved ones all the same, whether we need only a couple of hours a day or around the clock 24/7.

Our post-hospital In-home care San Antonio can be particularly helpful for elderly patients recovering from one or more of the following:

  • Heart surgery
  • Hip surgery
  • Stroke
  • A chronic illness
  • Cancer
  • Neurological issues

Our caregivers can help you avoid readmission troubles and costs by providing the following:

  • To make sure the medication and therapy administration schedule recommended and prescribed by the doctors.
  • Follow-up and attend all necessary appointments and health checks.
  • Follow the most suitable and beneficial diet.
  • Take part in the therapeutic exercises.
  • Provide companionship, support, and encouragement throughout the entire recovery process.

Let’s not forget that our caregivers are ready to provide our care services around the clock in your parents or grandparents are staying in a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Smooth and Thoughtful Hospital to Home Transition in San Antonio, TX

Our post-hospital caregivers are available when and where you need them the most. Feel free to get in touch with our care managers and discuss all details of the caregiving plan. We are looking forward to providing your elderly loved ones with the exceptional and affordable post-hospital care in San Antonio, TX. Don’t worry about long-term commitments and contracts because you won’t have about these when using our services.