Healthy Habits for Preventing Strokes Among Seniors

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Stroke Prevention Tips for Elderly

As seniors age, the possibility for a stroke to occur becomes significantly higher. While this is an uncontrollable risk factor of stroke, one of the best ways to prevent stroke among older adults is education. Whether you provide home care for a parent or are concerned about the health of an elderly loved one, make sure he or she is aware of the controllable risk factors of stroke. Experts of in-home care, San Antonio families can rely on, suggest doing so can ensure that your loved one strives to keep healthy habits even as he or she ages.

What Are Some Healthy Habits Seniors Should Follow in Order to Prevent Strokes?

One of the first healthy habits seniors should keep as they age is eating a healthy, balanced diet. Foods high in saturated fat and sodium should be avoided as much as possible to help keep a healthy heart. A healthy diet often falls hand in hand with regular exercise, which is especially important for an aging adult. Regular exercise helps prevent weight related issues such as obesity and diabetes, and keeps blood pressure under control.

Other healthy habits that seniors should adopt in their golden years regard alcohol and smoking. Alcohol consumption should be limited the older an individual gets. While alcohol is hard on the body at any age, it poses even more of a risk with every year that passes. Smoking has also shown to double the risk of stroke as it increases clot formation, thickens blood, and increases plaque buildup in the arteries. Seniors should be encouraged to quit as soon as possible.

How Can You Encourage Aging Loved Ones to Change Habits?

Education is the first step in changing habits. Explain to your aging parent or loved one how the habit could affect their health and future quality of life, helping make the issue more relevant or real to them. It’s also important to stress your concern. It’s not about telling your loved one what to do or having control, but keeping them safe so you can continue to enjoy their presence in your life.

Family members should also try and make the transition to healthy habits easy. Remember, it’s not easy to change more than a decade’s worth of diet or exercise habits. Start out small and do your best to encourage them and show support along the way. For instance, you can help promote proper exercise habits by participating in daily walks with your loved one, or assisting with meal preparation so that they have healthy and delicious options. If you are unable to provide support 24/7, consider a professional San Antonio hourly caregiver who can fill in the gaps in care, assisting with daily tasks during the few hours you are unable to care for your loved one.

Getting the Help Your Aging Loved One Needs

A stroke is a life changing experience and although it is not always possible to prevent a stroke, healthy habits can aid in reducing overall risk.  If you have an aging parent or loved one who has recently suffered a stroke, the above tips along with help from a professional San Antonio stroke caregiver can reduce the risk of a secondary stroke. For more information or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, call (210) 495-6300 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.


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