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A stroke hits your elderly loved ones when you expect it the least. And, when it does, you are left with an endless list of caregiving duties. Stroke survivors, including their families, have to face a new reality. The most challenging part is that now even the most basic activities, we often take for granted, represent quite a challenge. It’s understandable that you don’t want to let down your elderly family member or friend dealing with the stroke aftermath entirely on his or her own. On the other hand, you don’t want to compromise the quality of your life and daily routine with the tasks that are simply overwhelming for any individual or family. We will make sure that the dignity and independence of our clients are preserved in the best possible way. The best stroke care and assistance in San Antonio, TX is just one phone call away.

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San Antonio Stroke Care

The Role of Home Caregivers for Elderly Stroke Survivors

It goes without saying that providing care and assistance in the comfort of their own homes is the best way for senior stroke survivors to maintain their independence and dignity. Let’s not forget the importance of daily routines. Without the help of our caregivers these activities, we usually take for granted, can become mission impossible for your parents or grandparents after they suffered a stroke. Each and any member of our staff had to go through a rigorous selection process and highly specialized training to provide your loved ones with the right kind of support and assistance. Even with the most basic activities, such as dressing and bathing, we always treat our elderly friends with the utmost respect and dignity. We have intentionally used the word “friends.” Here, at Home Care Assistance in San Antonio, TX we don’t have clients, but friends we love and care for.

Your senior loved ones will never be left alone to go through basic housekeeping, meal preparation, taking the medications, and similar tasks. We will never lose sight of your parents or grandparents. Not even for a moment. That’s a promise, we have kept all of these years with every single family member and elderly stroke survivor we have got in touch with. Our caregivers also understand that elderly stroke survivors have to deal with the adverse effects on their behavior and mental processes. When it comes to your loved ones, we have all the time in the world and we will never lose our patience. We will provide invaluable companionship to elderly stroke survivors that can lessen depression and support proper cognitive functioning.

High-Quality Stroke Home Care is Just One Phone Call Away

We have no doubts about it. The safety of our senior friends always comes first. That’s why, all of our caregivers are required to go through rigorous background checks. You should know that we’re never willing to compromise when it comes to sending out only the most qualified and experienced caregivers to work in the field. One in twenty applicants gets the chance to work for us. Our commitment to forge only the high-caliber caregivers lead us to create the Home Care Assistance University. This unique place helps us stand apart from the competitors. Here, our caregivers can receive specialized training on stroke care. In addition, we pay particular attention to developing effective communication, effective mobility assistance, nutritious meal preparation, and how to support elderly stroke survivors with all kinds of daily activities and duties. Our genuine training platform is the best guarantee that a caregiver, who will stay around your parent or grandparent, has the right set of skills, expertise, and knowledge to provide the fully personalized assistance and care.

Our biggest reward comes when we get an email, phone call or word-of-mouth that our caregivers helped keep the families stay together in San Antonio, TX. We have always been invaluable support and source of comfort and positive energy for our elderly friends and their families. You can always rely on our comprehensive and fully personalized stroke care. All you have to do is make a phone call and schedule a non-obligatory appointment. Together, we will discuss the best options and choose the ideal caregiver. The best thing about our in home care San Antonio services is that there are no long-term contractual obligations to worry about. Feel free to use our services when and as long as it suits you the best.

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